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Hotmail : get your free email address!
Electric Minds: free virtual community & web conferences!
Altavista: in my opinion, the BEST web searcher out there.
Planetall: get your free virtual addressbook & more!
Mapquest: get your free online roadmap!
Facade: get your free reading with Tarot, Runes, ect!
John Gotti: Alleged Mafia boss' tribute page & more!
Lonelyplanet: great travel info to kickstart one's travels.
Contiki: Worldwide vacations for 18-35 year olds!
Avatarsearch: THE web searcher for the occult internet!
AustinPowers: the International Man of Mystery, baby, yeah!
Hadelfia: A writer-shared world in the making!
Gilg. links: Gilgamesh related links.
Arg. links: Argentine sites on the internet.
Temple links: Knights Templar related links.
Star Wars: official site of the Trilogy & prequels!

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